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New technologies for an unforgettable event

The latest event technologies at Alpha Vision – entertainment and education

We were the first in Poland to recognise that a well-organised event (both a trade event and a less formal occasion) can’t really be successful without new technologies. Technologies which not only provide entertainment, but also a great atmosphere for the whole event.

Our range includes as many as 16 types of new technologies with applications in a variety of areas. They can serve both as a form of entertainment and activation of event participants, and provide education, as well as serve as information media and actively support sales (for your products or services).

We also provide non-standard presentation solutions. We have more than a dozen special multimedia solutions to suit your needs. They will surprise you with their form, adding to the attractiveness of your event.

Touchscreen tables and interactive surfaces arouse interest and activate people participating in the event. Virtual presenters, character holograms, gesture-controlled games and interactive floors entertain your guests and enhance your events. Our company gives you a wide selection of items to choose from. You can let your imagination run wild. We will use our excellent devices and applications to help you organise a spectacular event.

What we offer?

3D Video Mapping

Holographic devices

iFloor and iWall interactive surfaces

Mind Control – controlling games via brainwaves

Human Joystick – an interactive team game

iTable Interactive touch tables

Virtual presenter

Large format holographic projections

Augmented Reality

Transparent screens

Virtual Reality

Fog screen

Interactive applications

Virtual spray paint

Arduino systems

Interactive displays

What is so special about us


thanks to our extensive range you can rest assured – we’ll find the perfect solution for you


by using hand-picked methods and tools, we’ll inspire every guest at your event

Great fun

we attach a lot of importance to ensure that your guests are entertained – everyone will be satisfied


professionalism is key if you want your event to not only entertain, but improve the prestige of your company – we’ve got you covered

Interested in our offer?

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