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A few words about our Virtual Reality systems

Virtual reality is one of the most rapidly developing technologies, which can be successfully used in all sorts of parties/events providing unforgettable entertainment and enjoyment. Thanks to proper equipment we are able to transport the viewer to a predesigned virtual world. VR systems are available both in the basic (virtual reality glasses) and extended (with additional controllers / Mocap) versions.

Our selection features the following virtual reality systems:

Oculus Rift – are virtual reality goggles which, after plugging them in and putting them on your head, let you enjoy a 3D environment of a game. Thanks to the in-built 360° spatial sound technology, and amazing image quality you can explore virtual worlds. The device has motion sensors, one of which tracks rotation of the head and the other analyses its position in space.

Microsoft HoloLens – is a universal, autonomous device for so called mixed reality. The functionality of the system involves holograms with which the user can interact. Simply put, this solution lets you place digital elements in the real world such as: 3D animations, films, photos etc.

Gear VR goggles – a system that exploded in popularity because of being supported by a regular smartphone. The device rapidly follows the movement of the user generating virtual reality in which the image of films and games are ubiquitous. The user can be transported into a fantasy world and enjoy unparalleled picture quality regardless of current place or position.

Why is our VR worth considering?

Broad selection

We offer more than one brand which lets us deliver solutions perfectly responding the requirements of our clients.


Our help is available during each step – by configuring the hardware, maintaining its operation and developing custom animations tailored to the needs of our clients.

Great fit

Our virtual reality solutions are ideal for numerous occasions. They are perfect for trade fairs, conferences, presentations as well as parties and outdoor events.

Virtual reality in action:

Virtual reality on pictures:

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