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Interactive store displays are a great alternative to somewhat archaic and quite overused traditional means of promoting products in stores. The solution is perfect for use both in stores within shopping centres and those placed directly by the street and along traffic routes.

How does it work?
On windows, constituting the surfaces of the store’s display, we place special projection foil. There are several models of foil for projectors with different properties (e.g. transparency level, view angles, light reflectance etc.) Then, we install a projector / projectors within the store, which are then plugged into an interactive system based on cameras and infra-red emitters. After the system is turned on, we get an interactive store display on which the displayed animation changes due to movement of nearby people.

Our package also includes touch-sensitive projection foil, which can also be used on store displays, changing them into a large touch screens, which allow them to browse through the offers of the store 24/7.

What are the advantages?


It is an ideal means of unconventional and very original advertising, which will not only interest the pedestrians but also encourage them to make purchases.

Easy installation

Sticking foil to the windows and installation of projectors and the interactive system usually takes 2-3 days.

Great fit

Because of the properties of the system, it can be installed on displays of just about any size, format and shape.

Interactive displays in action:

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