Mind Control

controlling games via brainwaves

Controlling a game with brainwaves

Mind Control is an innovative technology of controlling games with the use of brainwave activity. It is the only solution which allows interaction with games and applications with the intensity of your mental state. We create games using this technology which are perfectly adjusted to your business and its requirements.

How does it work?
The system works on the basis of special EEG bands created by an international team of technicians and doctors. These bands are used in medicine for working with brain activity (stimulation intended to increase intelligence, creativity, concentration or train memory).

Our system and the games created for it utilise the detection and interpretation of brainwave states of players. We can identify three types of signals:

Increase in brain activity – we can assess the level of focus of the player.
Decrease in brain activity – in this case we assess the level of relaxation.
Eyelid blinking moments – blinking causes a certain reaction in a game/application.

That information serves us in creation of games in which the rules involve utilising one or many signals.

We always provide:

Limitless variants of games

Thanks to the technology and knowledge of our specialist we can develop practically any type of a game, ideally tailored to your needs.


The system can be supplemented with kinect sensor which allows additional manipulation of objects with movement/gesture and also able to detect jumping of the player. That way the players gain full control over the game. Thanks to the movement of the body they steer the object and using their brainwaves they make it move.


It is no surprise that Mind Control is one of the most innovative and unconventional ideas for providing the highest level of entertainment to the participants of an event.

Example of Mind Control games

The game may involve controlling the speed of the object visible on the screen (in this case, a ball). The more focused the player is, the faster the ball moves. An additional element influencing the gameplay is eye blinking – in this case causing the ball to bounce.

Another example of a game can be a drag race displayed on a large screen where two players compete with each other. The one with more focus and maintaining that level of concentration for the appropriately long time will reach the finish line first.

Yet another idea for a game is developing an application in which the player wins when relaxed for appropriately long time. Of course, the other player can try to disturb the other player in many ways 🙂

Mind Control in action:

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