Voting systems

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Voting systems – professional devices for surveys and vote casting

Voting systems are technologies particularly valued by organisers of conferences, trainings, exhibitions and presentations. They are useful not only for collecting opinions or receiving answers to questions. They are also an exceptional tool for engaging the participants of these events – by boosting communication and closing the distance between the presenter and the audience.

How do our systems work?
Voting is done with the use of a remote. The participants can use it to express opinions, respond to questions or just cast a vote. Then the result of such a survey (or other feedback) are entered into the server and then presented in a graphical form on the screen. The whole process is done in real time and takes no more than a few seconds.

Why are our voting systems the best?

End-to-end solutions

We offer professional voting systems. The scope of our services includes their transport, configuration and (if necessary) their operation.


Systems provided by us are adjusted to the individual requirements of the clients – so that they perform flawlessly during any event.


Voting introduces an element of entertainment to every event. Therefore, the participants are more attentive and are more eager to join in.

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