Multimedia totems

a touch monitor enclosed in an elegant casing

Multimedia totems are a solution which allows you to present your company and its offer in a modern and intuitive way. These devices are perfect for exhibition booths and point of sales outlets. Totems / infokiosks in our lease offer have 46” touch screens (Multi-touch) mounted vertically. The touch screen is powered by a high-end computer which will be able to handle even the most demanding applications.

Why are our totems worth considering?

Great fit

Our offer involves both lease and sales of multimedia totems. The monitors installed in the totems have matrices in sizes 32” – 60”.

A multitude of possibilities

Our totems / multimedia kiosks come in many variants. Their configurability allows us to adjust them to the individual preferences of our clients.


They are simple to install and have a high quality case which makes them durable and aesthetically appealing. It makes them suitable both for events in enclosed spaces and outside.

Our multimedia totems in action:

Our multimedia totems on pictures:

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Mobile: 601 672 874

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