iTable - Interactive touch tables

A new form of communication with the use of interactive touch tables

iTable interactive touch table is a modern tool for conducting particularly successful visual communication. It can be used even by several people at the same time while providing a means of broad communication or promotion of the company and its products / services. The operation of the interactive table itself is very simple and involves controlling applications by touching.

This is a perfect promotional solution, which can be successfully used for trade fairs, presentations and conferences.

Interactive tables we provide give you what you need, namely:


Thanks to the multi-touch technology, a table of e.g. 46 inches diagonal can be used comfortably by up to 5 people.

Numerous applications

Our clients are free to use the wealth of applications developed by us. For your individual needs we can provide custom-made software as well.

Limitless capabilities

The presentation functionality of the tables is very flexible. You can use them to showcase photos, films and models created in 3D applications.

iTable in action:

iTable on pictures:

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Mobile: 601 672 874

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