LED Floor

a screen you can walk on

LED Floor – a surface you can walk on, covered with light-emitting diodes able to display any video content

The LED FLOOR’s high resolution (P5) facilitates displaying high-quality images, animations and live-action video, even with a relatively small screen area. This solution is perfect for events at which outstanding quality and the element of surprise have to go hand in hand with technical and aesthetic excellence.

The LED floor, thanks to its modular build and relatively low weight, can be used even in small rooms, such as exhibition stands.

The major assets of the LED floor:


It can be freely combined with the interactive iFloor or Kinect sensor-based system, providing an additional attraction for event participants. This combination turns your LED floor into an interactive screen providing an entertaining experience with unforgettable effects and live changes as you step on the displayed animation.


The LED technology used in floors is characterised by low power consumption, low heat emission, a very long life and low fault rate. It is also able to withstand a temporary loss of power supply (as it turns back on immediately after power is restored).


The LED floor has a special structure with a reinforced surface, which makes it highly resistant to shock, impact, vibration and other factors, and is also protected against small water spills and other substances.

LED floor in action:

Sturdy and proven LED floors

The LED floor is composed of 50 x 50 cm modules and is only 75 mm high. The total number of modules in our range allows us to create floors with an area of up to 80 square metres. Due to its structure, the floor is designed exclusively for indoor use.

LED floor on pictures:

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