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Alpha Vision Sp. z o. o. as a leader in the field of technological novelties, offers a wide base of so-called interactive applications created for both stationary and mobile media. We give our clients the opportunity to use ready-made systems as well as orders for dedicated software in accordance with their needs. Creating interactive (touch) applications is one of the main trends of our activity.

Touch applications (for OneTouch / MultiTouch monitors)

Touch applications are programs which allow the user to control content displayed on displays with so-called touch overlays, popularly known as touch monitors or touch screens. These can also be single plasma / LCD monitors as well as large format walls made of seamless monitors.

Touch screens or tables – installed on stands, hung on walls in modern buildings or mounted into the scenography of events are an element of our environment. However, they are nothing without applications which let us harness the capabilities of the combination of the two.

We specialise in preparation of applications giving the user freedom of operation. Our products are always well-thought-out, while the successful design and stylishly composed menus are our priorities.

One of our products is a non-linear presentation containing everything that a typical PowerPoint presentation provides. However, thanks to its structure, it allows you to select the theme of expression not in form of a sequence of slides but with touch technology. The host is the one choosing the topic to talk about in any moment of the presentation.

For touch screens we also develop so-called configurators – which allow you to present offers in various options. We carry out product presentations, quizzes, contests and market analysis.

The appearance of the application, its degree of complexity and its functionality are fully modifiable and depends only on the imagination and needs of the client. We are ready to take on even the most complex initiatives.

Our touch applications in action:

Motion control systems

Motion control systems (gesture) is a new generation communication medium. Such systems include both the ones operating at a less precise scale, such as the system of interactive surfaces iFloor / iWall / iBar, as well as systems controlled with the use of kinect type sensors (kinetic systems) – which support precise control over application with gestures and body movement.

We design and create such systems from scratch, provide software and graphics and choose equipment (the medium) on which the application will be presented. Our clients can count on our experience both in event systems and in fixed installations. Because every system is created and configured precisely in accordance with the client’s wishes, it becomes the perfect advertisement tool, which lets them reach the set target market.

Kinect-based systems provide greater precision of operation – the idea involves e.g. an interactive library of audiobooks or a jukebox from which we can choose an interesting item with a simple gesture. This gives us unparalleled freedom in designing applications which do not require the use of a mouse, keyboard or even touch screens. An additional advantage is the possibility of using large screens placed far away from the user.

Our motion control systems in action:

Mobile applications

Mobile applications are programs written mostly for platforms such as Android, iOS or Windows, which let you use more and more common media such as tablets and smartphones. Every owner of a smartphone or a tablet is a user of mobile applications. Applications created by us can be divided into the following types:

Offline applications

Applications functioning without internet access. These are, for instance, applications containing the agenda of the event or the map of the area they are held.

Online applications

These require an internet connection to work – such as webpages we create to adapt to the platform they are viewed on, with full or limited functionality in comparison with the standard site.

Event applications

These applications allow interaction with the latest types of marketing communication. For example, it can be a platform which allows us to control games in city areas on display boards with the help of a tablet or phone.

Our mobile applications in action:

Interactive applications on pictures:

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