Virtual spray paint

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Drawing with virtual spray paint – fantastic fun in Warsaw and its vicinity

Virtual spray is a cutting-edge technology of a stunning form. It guarantees great amusement. It works on a specially prepared surface on which anything can be drawn, written and painted.

It is our original design, created for use in city areas (open air, large cultural events, city presentations and more). Virtual Spray can enrich any event – aimed at younger and older audiences.

How does it work?
An image is displayed on a special projection surface on which anything can be written or drawn. While painting, we can (just like in graphics software) choose various brush tips, change their size, colour and even degree of dispersion. The tool is based on acrylic holographic screens but it is also possible to use frame screens with appropriate surfaces for rear projection.

What are the benefits of using virtual spray paint?


It is a truly great tool for mass communication (large scale projections reaching a great number of participants).

Great fit

The size of the screen for drawing can be adapted to the place where the event is meant to take place. The power of the projector can also be adjusted to make the image clear and bright.

A multitude of possibilities

The tool gives numerous options for creation – from simple drawings to more complex paintings. All thanks to the option of choosing colours, brush sizes and other editing options.

Virtual spray in action:

Virtual spray on pictures:

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Mobile: 601 672 874

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