Human Joystick

an interactive team game

Human Joystick, an interactive game – excellent entertainment using a human controller

We are the only company offering the cutting-edge Human Joystick system which provides multiple top quality leisure capabilities, not available in other systems.

Interactive movie game (Human Joystick) is a game in which a group of people control the actions on the screen by raising their hands. The solution can be used in any space (conference room, cinema etc.) as a form of additional activity during an event. Not only can this be great fun but also a unique and memorable form of advertisement and promotion. We create games in this technology, which suit your needs perfectly.

How does the system work?
Human Joystick involves an integrated infra-red camera system and computers, which analyse movement (it is appropriately processed by the data displayed on the screen). Because of that, we can create an environment in which all viewers can take an active part in play activities. By the means of lifting their arms up and sliding right or left, they manipulate the object on the screen, using their own bodies as a controller (joystick).

We always provide:

Without limitation

The system we are offering allows us to control any object on the screen (e.g. moving vehicles, balls, etc.).

All games are developed in accordance with the guidelines of our clients.

Great fun

It is a great way for a break (a moment of relaxation) during a conference.

You can divide the participants and arrange a game between two opposite teams, which stimulates competitive spirits even further.


Now the Human Joystick game is also available in 3D!

This type of entertainment will be appreciated by every spectator and participant of a conference.

Human Joystick in action:

Human Joystick on pictures:

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