Sound and light systems

only proven and comprehensive solutions

Light and sound are the two components to transform even the simplest of rooms into a spectacular event venue

For many years we have provided the best solutions in professional lighting and sound for stage, events, television and architecture. Thanks to state-of-the-art devices and cooperation with an experienced team of sound and lighting technicians we can turn every event into a true spectacle.

We always provide:

Outstanding equipment

We have a wide range of equipment to suit every event. From a small conference or club event to a huge concert or TV show. We also have equipment for DJs.

Wide range

We provide sound and light solutions for conferences, training, picnics, concerts, stand-up shows, mass events.

Working with the best

We cooperate with the industry’s best sound and lighting technicians. We are ready to prepare all kinds of events.

Rental of sound and light systems

The exact pricing depends on a number of factors, including event type, venue size and equipment type. We are ready for both small events, such as conferences, and large outdoor mass events requiring substantial stage technical support.

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Mobile: 601 672 874

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