LED and LCD screens

tailored to your needs

Plasma / LED / LCD monitors – classic screens displaying your content in high resolution and brightness

Images are twice as effective as words, which is why visual forms are still considered the most effective means of advertising. Our monitors are suitable for all kinds of content (live-action, animation, photography, graphics), catching the eye with the brightness and sheer size of the picture. Just hook up a computer or a DVD player and you can use them at your events or permanent multimedia installations. Very often screens become part of a larger design or an attractive element of interior décor.

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Some of our monitors also support IR touchscreen overlays, which we can install for you. This way, we can change an ordinary screen or LED/LCD TV into an interactive touchscreen, useful e.g. for presentations. Our touchscreen overlays are Multi Touch enabled supporting up to 20 touch points at a time.

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We also provide professional-grade monitors ready to be always on (24/7). They are highly-resistant to weather conditions and offer high screen brightness, ensuring a clear picture with outstanding contract even in well-lit conditions.

Tailored to your needs

We have screen formats to suit all rooms. We offer 42″, 46”, 50″, 55”, 60″, 65″, 75” and 86″ screens (plasma/LED/LCD). Each monitor/television screen provides high contrast and resolutions within the Full HD – UHD (4K) range.


We provide stylish racks and cables for all our monitors. We have racks to enable vertical, horizontal and 45-degree configurations. We also provide 4K-enabled video players to accompany our TVs/screens.

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Mobile: 601 672 874

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