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Seamless video walls, or the state-of-the-art Plasma Wall system

Seamless video walls also known as Plasma Walls are an innovative solution allowing the user to freely combine several screens into one huge display. We have the latest-generation seamless screens in our range with frames (which separates the neighbouring screens) as small as about 3 mm! They are perfect for presentations, films, animations, live cams and even interactive games.

Where seamless screens are used?
This kind of screen is best for such places as clubs, conference halls, exhibition centres, shopping centres, restaurants and public utility areas. Better still, you can build walls of this kind of monitors, making them the heart of your event space

Their biggest assets include:

Lightweight structure

The monitor panel is only 10 cm thick. The frames are from 3 mm wide. Plasma walls are lightweight and easy to place and remove.

Installation is extremely simple and possible in virtually any place, even under a tent or other roofing.

No limitations

The modules can be freely combined into virtually unlimited sizes and formats.

This allows us to obtain large-scale high-resolution (4K) images even in bright and well-lit rooms.


The seamless video walls in our range are professional solutions manufactured by NEC and designed for continuous use for up to 16 hours per day.

Even with long-term use, there are no cases of screen overheating or quality deterioration issues (involving brightness and saturation).

Monitors tailored to the type of your event

You can create ultra-high-definition video walls (4K resolution, 4096 x 2160 pixels). This solution is fully configurable and the option to combine multiple screens makes it perfect for all your event needs.

Seamless screens in action:

Seamless screens on pictures

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