Touch monitors

a new approach to presentations

Touch monitors as an innovative way of delivering presentations

An ideal way of enriching regular, traditional presentations with new effects. Touch monitors not only allow the presentation of products and services but also allows us to interact with them. The monitors offered by us provide extensive presentation capabilities. Thanks to them you can present products / offers in an interesting and engaging manner.

Touch screens can display practically any previously prepared presentation. They are also ideal as an extended form of a multimedia kiosk / totem at e.g. exhibition booth.

All touch screens in our offer support the Multi-touch standard, which allows simultaneous use of multiple touch points (a capability of performing operations even by several people at a time).

Why should you choose this presentation solution?

Broad selection

We supply both touch screens intended for incorporation in the scenography as well as standalone monitors for use in all kinds of events.

Our offer involves sales and rental of touch screens.

A multitude of possibilities

We offer monitors in many variants and sizes: 46”, 65”, 75”, 92” 86” using Multi-touch technology.

That way we can always satisfy the individual expectations of our clients.


Our monitors are an ideal replacement for the more traditional infokiosks, providing a more effective form of presentation.

The larger format of the screens allows several people at a time to browse through displayed content.

Touch monitors in action:

Touch monitors on pictures:

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Mobile: 601 672 874

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