Large format holographic projections

another scale of virtual entertainment

Large format holographic projections – presentation in a new dimension

Large format holographic projections provide absolutely unforgettable sensations during events. Whenever you need to create an electrifying performance for your guests. Delight the potential contractors or just deliver attractions the will never forget – holograms in large format are an excellent choice.

How does it work?
There are two technologies available for large format projections:

Projection on a holographic foil – this technology is based on the so-called Pepper Ghost effect and involves reflecting the light of a projector / projectors from a white plane and then the imposition of the image on a special holographic foil outstretched at a 45 degree angle.

Holographic tulle projection –is a type of projection made with the use of powerful and high-contrast multimedia projectors. The projectors display the image on a so-called holographic tulle (which is a composite of fabric and silver oxide) extended on a stage. Thanks to its properties, the tulle is practically invisible to the participants of the event while capturing image from the projectors.

It is crucial for both technologies to properly arrange the space in which the holographic projection is meant to take place. In order to achieve a good effect, we need to i.a. appropriately design the placement of lighting, viewers and scenography.

Why is this solution appealing to you?


As one of few companies in Poland we are offering this amazing presentation format, provided by entirely new, yet extensively tested, technologies.


We possess exceptional knowledge of that technology and therefore we provide our active support and advice to our clients at every stage – during installation, configuration or the projection itself.


It is not a secret. This technology provides entertainment not found in any other medium. Large format holograms are an ideal solution wherever the enjoyment of the viewers takes first place.

Large format holographic projections in action:

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