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A few words about fog screens

The unique technology of fog display is an ideal alternative to more traditional forms of projection which lets you abandon fixed screens forever. A completely innovative approach and the latest technology means that the only things you need for projection are water and a dedicated projector.

How does it work?
The screen forms a curtain made of dispersed water particles (a kind of fog), which is used like a transparent screen, which makes the images displayed on it appear to be floating. You can walk right through the FOG SCREEN without worrying about getting wet because water is atomised into microscopic particles, which are dry to touch. The solution guarantees breathtaking visuals and as a result – unforgettable reactions of guests which most likely haven’t seen anything like this before. The technology is appreciated primarily by organisers of première presentations of products, trade fairs, fashion shows and even club events. Wherever it’s vital to have the element of surprise and to excite the viewer.

The fog screens provided by us guarantee:

Unforgettable experience

It is one of the most unusual and unconventional forms of presentation, which is sure to take even the most demanding viewers by surprise.


Thanks to the use of dry water vapour, the equipment is completely safe to use. Both to people (no one gets wet) and to machinery.


Because of the easy installation and fine customisation, the device is perfect for almost any type of event.

Fog screens in action:

Fog screen on pictures:

User information concerning fog screens

  1. The device was designed for enclosed spaces. Therefore, it is not suitable under influence of strong gusts of wind and in draughts.
  2. Each projector has to match the brightness of the room. The best results are achieved in relatively dark halls.
  3. The brightness of the projector is at least 5000AnsiLm.
  4. Sunlit rooms should be avoided..
  5. The device works only with the use of rear projection. In order to avoid blinding the spectators, the projector should be placed at a large angle to the screen.
  6. The key element is having a dark background. A light background compromises the contrast of the screen and makes the image less visible.
  7. It is recommended to use a black backdrop.
  8. The controller to the device is enclosed in a case on type RACK 12U wheels.
  9. Use only demineralised water.
  10. An additional interactive system is available on request.

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