Transparent screens

unconventional presentation of products and services

Transparent screens – the modern way of advertising

Transparent screens are a solution ideal for sales outlets such as: shopping galleries, window displays, pedestrian routes, service centres and public venues (banks, offices etc.). Transparent monitors are often used as elements of scenography during events.

How does it work?
These screens work by combining virtual technologies and physical objects. A pre-made animation is displayed on a transparent screen matrix behind which a physical object can be placed. This lets you present a message, product or service in a completely refreshing and unusual manner. Additional functions, including the option to change the degree of screen transparency, provide exceptional flexibility and capability to customise the presentation to the individual needs of our clients.

What makes this technology stand out?


Transparent screens can also be equipped with a touch overlay which lets the client interact with the animation displayed on the screen.


Screens can be placed together to allow non-standard dimensions of displayed animations. The image is transmitted via an HDMI port or from an internal player (depending on the option selected).


The screens offered by us are available in size 47” and can be installed into clients’ own infrastructure or mounted onto a mobile rack prepared by us.

Transparent screens in action:

Transparent screens on pictures:

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