3D Video Mapping

because size (of projection) does matter

A few words about 3D Video Mapping

3D Video Mapping is a solution which provides large-format projections on buildings and other (including mobile) objects (cars, boats, planes, etc.). The technology utilizes the structure of surfaces on which they are displayed. Thanks to that and to creation of a so-called object map and an ideal arrangement of a projector or multiple projectors, it is possible to create a breathtaking multimedia performance. A spectacle which can be witnessed by thousands of spectators at a time.

All our (architectural) projections are always combined with carefully selected music, sound effects and even pyrotechnics. This allows you to create one-of-a-kind atmosphere and add flair to any event.

3D Video Mapping is a perfect alternative to traditional forms of entertainment like fireworks or laser light shows.

Our video mapping solutions provide:


3D video mapping technology can be successfully used in small spaces (e.g. a house interior or the inside of a car), as well as on large surfaces (façades of multi-storey buildings).

Unforgettable experience

Such an innovative form brings entertainment and enjoyment to a whole new level. It leaves other forms of presentation far behind.


Thanks to combining visuals with sound effect, entertainment explores new dimensions and affects the viewer in numerous ways.

3D Video Mapping – our realizations:

What is video mapping composed of?

1. The so-called object map

First we prepare a virtual object map on which the projection will be displayed. The map is a precise scan of a surface, involving all architectural elements, including outlines, bumps, protrusions and other irregularities. In the case of building façades, these are elements such as windows, doors, cornices, columns, ornaments etc.

2. Animation

Then, we prepare the animation in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the client. The animation is adapted for the prepared object map. It can be of any length and resolution. However, because of the characteristics of the solution (large format) it is recommended to use the highest resolution possible.

3. Hardware and software

Depending on the location (size of the site, brightness of the environment) we choose projectors of an adequate power with appropriate lenses. Usually, for mapping solutions we use 1-4 display projectors (with the use of media servers) for one seamless image. These projectors display images with the power of 10,000-40,000 ANSI each.

3D Video Mapping on pictures:

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