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3D presenter – the best method of gaining new clients

Virtual presenter (also known as virtual assistant / virtual hostess) is a perfect solution for every store, reception or sales showroom. This technology is also used around the world for trade fairs, conferences and other events where it is crucial to attract the attention of a potential client. The solution fulfils two key roles – captures attention (and fuelling curiosity in the process), and also presents content.

How does such a presenter work?
It is a projection of a specially pre-recorded and formatted film which is displayed onto an appropriately prepared surface. The surface on which the image is being displayed should resemble human silhouette (so that it creates the most faithful illusion of a real life person). Furthermore, after adding motion sensors the equipment can become interactive and activate the presentation when the potential client approaches the projection.

What makes this technology stand out?

Multitude of uses

This system is more and more commonly used in company headquarters as well. It is used there as a form of an information point or an information bank (e.g. about the company).

Endless performance

As opposed to real presenters or hostesses, such a virtual presenter never gets tired and does not ask for extra pay for working overtime 😉


Thanks to the customised recordings and special properties of the foil used to make the presenter – it is visible at a wide angle, up to 170 degrees.

Virtual presenter in action:

virtual presenter on pictures:

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