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A few informations about Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an attraction created to provide events in which the organisers want to dazzle their guests with an interesting application combining real world with animated 3D environment.

How does it work?
The solution was based on a system of markers placed on any applicable medium. Shirts, hats, cards – just about any surface possible to see by a camera can be used for that purpose.

The image can be displayed by the means of a plasma / LCD / LED monitor, projector + screen, a wall of seamless monitors or even an LED display board. The choice of the display depends on the venue and the scale of the event.

The operation of the system involves placing a pre-defined specific and unique shape called a marker into the field of vision of a camera and into the computer it is plugged into. The camera tracks the movement of the marker in its field of view while the computer displays a 3D object generated in real time. It is visible in real time on the display (projector / monitor / display board).

Augmented Reality in action:

Where to use this solution?

For example, the augmented reality technology can be used during prize draw in an event, where each participant receives an item with a marker (for instance, an invitation). A person walks through the field of vision of a camera and an item associated with the client’s branding appears in place of the marker.

The winning markers can be highlighted by e.g. fireworks exploding around them, and this can be observed on the screen placed in the central place of the event, on multiple plasma screens or on projections.

Augmented Reality on pictures:

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