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Interactive multimedia surfaces in Warsaw and across Poland

We have the most technologically advanced interactive surface system (iFloor / iWall / iBar) in Poland. Our interactive technology is superior to the systems of our competitors both in terms of their quality and functionality.

You can use several fully modifiable special effects created with the use of the latest 3D engine. It guarantees not only the highest quality graphics but also fluid and accurate detection of movement.

What is iFloor?
iFloor (along with iWall and iBar) are innovative presentation solutions displayed on a surface of your choice – floors, walls, tables, counters – in form of one of several interactive animated scenarios. A scenario, in turn, is a set of reactions of the image displayed which occurs due to movement. Each scenario involves different effects, which can be modified and changed in any way as needed. Each effect has different properties and background sound schemes depending on what the presentation is about.

iFloor, as an impressive and effective means of interactive advertisement, is most commonly used by: advertising and event agencies – serving their clients something brand new, exceptional and attention-grabbing for use in all kinds of events (club parties, team-building events, promotion campaigns of products and services); individual clients – for their stores, commercial centres, hotels, restaurants, banks, clubs, pubs, bars; organisers of trade fairs, conferences, trainings, television and film studios (recording of entertainment programmes, advertising films).

What are the elements of the set?
The primary components of iFloor are: a powerful multimedia projector (6000 – 12 000ANSI) with a wide-angle lens or an LED floor (as the picture display), a video camera, infra-red (IR) emitters; a high-end PC unit; a supporting structure (unless the place provides an alternative system mounting option), an acrylic projection surface (Acrylic Flat Display), speakers. In an interactive wall system (iWall) the medium of the image is usually made of seamless monitors (plasma wall) or a diode screen (LED screen). There is also the option of displaying interactive image from a projector (on a projection screen – front or back projection).

What animation scenarios are included in the iFloor system?

The system contains 20 effects, the basic (and most commonly chosen by our clients) are:

1. Underwater world

A scenario providing the most extensive modification capabilities and the most popular among our clients. iFloor generates a virtual water surface on which people can walk and which acts like real water. Under the surface, tropical fish can be seen swimming and reacting to movement (usually by fleeing). The background, or rather the seabed of each “underwater world” is any image provided by the clients (e.g. their logo), a photo of a promoted product or any animation or film.
Worth noting is the extensive capacity for modification of the scenario. The underwater fish can be replaced with virtually any object rendered in 3D.

2. Uncovering

This scenario involves uncovering a background image by the movement of a person (e.g. logo, photo of the product or a picture).

3. Sprinkling

This scenario involves “sprinkling” small graphical elements by a person walking on the floor on a larger image serving as background (e.g. flowers on a meadow). We can adapt any images provided by the client or create new ones for the purpose of “sprinkling”.

4. Wiping

This involves uncovering an image by a person walking on the floor which is obscured by another image (e.g. wiping one picture over another, shoving aside snow, sand or any other texture – thematically associated with the promoted product or the entire brand).

5. Soccer

An animation which lets the client create a virtual soccer stadium and organise spectacular matches. The number of simultaneous participants depends on the size of available floor display. The system was enriched with graphical elements and sound, which create a realistic stadium experience, both to players and the spectators.

6. Mosaic

The scenario changes any image or photograph into a mosaic composed of any number of elements. The reaction speed and intensity of the animation (dissolving mosaic) is fully modifiable, which gives limitless capability for editing the effect.

7. Interactive penalty kicks

A system that can be used both during events in enclosed spaces or outside (e.g. fanzones) which provide capabilities for setting up a roof overhead, for example tents. The entire system does not take up much space but it is bound to provide an ideal attraction which is relevant to soccer events.

Apart from the seven basic effects mentioned above, our system contains 13 other animation scenarios which can be extensively modified and adapted to the needs of our clients.

Interactive multimedia surfaces in action:

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